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Security sector reform


Peace and security are indispensable in a democracy.

No matter how much freedom a people of a country may have, it will be meaningless if there is no security.

Thus, this is a very important area which should be given priority to ensure that the people have the confidence to go about their daily activities in peace and security.

In The Gambia, this is more so as we see that coming out from a twenty-two year dictatorship, the country was almost polarized; and seeing that the freedom of the people was seized by the previous regime – people were not able to express themselves in anyway – it will create a lot of security concerns.

The disturbances during the course of last week have revealed that a lot needs to be done to maintain the peace and stability of the country particularly post-ECOMIG.

The government and the people of the Gambia need to get ready and prepare for this eventuality as it is inevitable.

The Security Sector Reform (SSR) must be expedited to ensure that plans are put in place which will see this vital section of Gambian society prepared and ready to take over from the ECOMIG once they leave.

Also, it must include comprehensive ways and means to involve the civilians and civilian authorities in the provision, monitoring and controlling of the security in the country.

The operatives of the security agencies in the country must be trained on how to provide security in a democratic setting where protecting the rights of citizens is as important as protecting them; and giving them services they need and deserve.

It is therefore hoped that the disturbances last week in Brikama, Serekunda and other places in the country will prompt the government to pay more attention to the SSR so that it is completed for the good of all.

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