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City of Banjul
Tuesday, September 22, 2020

Senegalese CDS visits troops in Banjul

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By Juldeh Njie The Senegalese Chief of Defense Staff, General Sheikh Gueye Tuesday paid a courtesy call on the Senegalese troops under ECOMIG mission in Banjul. The Senegalese army chief also visited the Gambian leader, President Adama Barrow as a way of strengthening bilateral relations between the security forces of the two neighboring states. “The purpose of my visit is to see the Senegalese troops that are under ECOWAS mission to ensure peace and security is maintained in the country. My being here is purposely to inspect the condition of the Senegalese troops; to enquire their activities on the ground,” The Senegalese army general said. He said: “I’m privileged to tell you that am very happy for our troops and the ECOMIG forces for the job well done they are embarking since their arrival in the country. Though I am not surprise to see my forces acting [professionally, because that’s the way we expected them to behave”. He said during his stay in the country, he paid sincere gratitude and respect to the president and also assured him of their full support especially in the area of security. “I will also assure him of our willingness to ensure that the Gambia armed forces operate in accordance with the laws of the land. We want a police that will be able to protect the lives and properties of its citizens. The importance of the army is to safeguard the interest of the people. “As security personnel, I advise President Barrow on security issues and the need for the two countries to build strong bilateral relations in terms of security”. He expressed gratitude to the Gambian populace, saying “the two counties are more than neighbors, but families because whatever is in Senegal you will find it in the Gambia and the two countries have deep love and respect for each another”.]]>

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