Senegambia Bridge is still open to vehicular traffic


Press release: The Ministry of Transport, Works and Infrastructure wishes to inform the general public that the Senegambia Bridge is still open to vehicular traffic and that at no time has its operations been shutdown.
The travelling public especially those using the bridge from either end of Senegal are urged to continue using the corridor for their normal travel routine. The Government of The Gambia assures the security and safety of all transporters and commuters along the Trans-Gambia corridor.
The public is hereby informed that the government has taken all necessary security measures to assure free movement of persons, goods and services along the Trans-Gambia corridor without let or hindrance. The Ministry of Interior has already fully deployed security forces on the Trans-Gambia
corridor to protect the rights of the travelling public.
Gambian and Senegalese vehicles that have been stranded on either side of the border since Friday 9th September, are therefore urged to cross into the country and use the Senegambia Bridge without fear of any harassment and or obstruction. The government would like to make it categorically clear that it will not allow any group to obstruct vehicular movement along the Trans-Gambia corridor and indeed any part of the country.