Sports minister sheds more light on GFF suspensions


He was speaking at a press conference yesterday at which the GFF executive was suspended.  “Yes, we may have friends and peers affected by this, but in a situation like this, we see the nation and the national interest. Let us try and identify people who can man our sports. And let us do this across tribal lines, across regional lines, or vous membership,” he said.  Jammeh said sports touches the life of everybody from fans, the audience following results and previews and administrators.

He went on to say that government had worked laboriously to fulfill its responsibilities in the running of sports.

The minister said over the past few days, there had been widespread concern and indignation from many quarters about what happened in Gambian football.


He said that is why government as policy-makers with responsibility to put things back on the right path had to come in. “That is why I am commending the National Sports Council for the stance they have taken in the very beginning of this episode. When a situation like this happens we see the nation. I have had people coming to me to express their sad feelings about what has happened,” he said.

In another development the minister revealed that the new committee appointed to run the affairs of the GFF has the option to co-opt anyone they think could help them in the role of rectifying the affairs of football. He said the National Sports Council would formally write to the suspended executive members informing them of their suspension for them to hand over to the Rectification Committee. 

The minister further said that apart from the four executive members, the rest of the GFF remains intact. But he said among the task of the new committee will be the implementation of the recommendations of the task force that probed into the Under-20 saga.

He said the name of the country has been soiled in this episode. He also revealed that the suspensions are the first step in this process adding that they will be in consultation with all stakeholders here and abroad during the three month period after which a final decision would be made on issues like whether an extraordinary congress for election would be held or not. 


By lamin Cham