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Stolen Babylon baby found

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By Omar Bah

A twin-baby, who was reportedly stolen on Saturday from Lamin Babylon by a mysterious woman dressed in a veil, has been returned.

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Modou, the baby’s father, confirmed to The Standard that the woman who took the baby boy returned her yesterday morning accompanied by her husband. “We are very happy that we have found our baby,” he said. Conteh said the woman and the husband were arrested and detained at the Banjulinding police.

The five-week-old was taken from her mother by a ‘mysterious’ woman who came to the family house early morning asking about a woman who has given birth to twins to massage her hand.

The twins’ grandmother said the woman, who identified herself as Mariama Sowe, claimed to live next door.

“I have never seen the woman in the neighhood but she told me she was always indoors. She stayed with us through breakfast and even went with us to the market and followed us back. Then I went to the well to fetch water. At the time my daughter (the twins’ mother) was in the kitchen cooking lunch,” she said.

She said when she was returning from the well, she met the mother of the twins looking for the woman after she reailsed that her baby was missing.

“Initially, we thought the stranger took the baby to the house she claimed she lived but when we went there to check, we found a man who told us no such woman called Mariama lived there,” the baby’s granny said. She said that was how the little baby disappeared until yesterday when the woman brought him back with her husband.

The police spokesperson Superintendent Lamin Njie said: “We can confirm receiving a report of a stolen baby at Lamin Babylon on 10th October 2020.

The Police opened a swift investigation into the matter leading to the arrest of Fatoumatta Kandeh of Lamin, today [Saturday] in the early hours of the morning.

The one-month-old baby has been found and currently undergoing medical check-up.

The suspect is helping the police in their investigations”.

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