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By Muhammed Sidibeh The Magnetic Poet

The door of education is, learn.

I say learn the son of the doors, learn.

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The cord of slavery shall be cut from your neck,

So you remain equal to your world neck and neck.

Learn Arabic to understand your religion.

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Learn Western Education to understand your world as well as your religion.

Learn your Native Language to understand yourself,

Because the unlettered cilium is always pulls by the lettered.

This should be enough as a reminder catered.

I feel tasty with education,

But I do not regret with education.

I face predicaments in education,

Yet I can’t cringe with education.

Educators indeed are men of ages;

They would prefer death to embarrassment they say, for ages.

For them, saying that negative NO is better than betrayal.

Education does not lie portrayal.

He said he would forechoose silence over vain talks withdrawal.

Education means positive attitude  and manners.

To know yourself,

And indeed to know every bit about yourself.

To know something

And its meaning something.

At times, he clothes himself in an attire of the ignorant

Whilst he mutely sits at the summit on that Mount Everest of his knowledge warrant.

Still he gives his all for education orant.

Let us unite, The Children of Education.

There is nothing comparable to unison.

From time immemorial to now,

Every village that pops up from the heart of education,

That one umbilical cord of the navel merges us all in one big basket with caution.

Education is not enough with just the name;

Hard work and doing the doings appear appealing if tamed.

The forelock that someone is known,

If you shave that one to and fro,

The identifiers would not recognise him, bro.

Educators are known for doing great things and oneness.

That had never frightened us even one afternoon blindness.

‘Backway’ has swallowed The Children of Education.

Learning would start but incomplete.

One mindset: ‘I either drown or cross the ocean deplete.’

Not having the required documents makes many not to return home.

Remember, ten years is not ten days of solitude at home.

In a society of broom(s),

Certainly, it is not a choice of a woman to be in an empty room.

Someday someone’s skirt’s rope is loosened because she could not hold on.

You think that’s her colour

Admittedly, that’s not exactly her colour.

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