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The Ebola outbreak- a cause of concern

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Recent stories in news media publications around the world are showing agonising scenes in the West African state of Guinea, after the eruption of one of the most dangerous and deadliest diseases called Ebola. 

The outbreak of Ebola in the South-Eastern part of that country which later spread to the capital, Conakry, has left over 70 people dead, and authorities there are very much worried about future consequences.

The virus is said to be transmittable through contact with blood or secretions from an infected person, either directly or through contaminated needles or medical equipment.

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It is bewildering that the health of many in Guinea is at risk as more and more cases of this debilitating virus are reported. It could be recalled that the outbreak of the disease was first reported on March 23, 2014, when the WHO and Guinea’s health ministry acknowledged fatal cases of Ebola decease in some areas of the former French colony. 

What is more sorrowful and worrying is its spread to neighboring countries of Liberia and Sierra Leone. Already, Senegal has closed her land borders with Guinea, whiles the airline with west African coverage, Gambia Bird, has delayed the launch of its new route to Conakry.

One wonders what the standpoint of our Gambian authorities is in making sure that our country does not become a victim of this epidemic. I am equally worried that if such an infectious virus crosses the threshold of our territory, where will we be with our miniature population.

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Just few days ago, we saw officials of the National Disaster Management Agency on the state television sensitising the general public on this endemic disease. Such is a positive move. But I think that officials and concerned authorities should multiply their efforts in ensuring that the disease does not enter our country. There is even the need for the implementation of sanitary checks on persons that enter our country, on vehicles and even on flights that rotate the sub-region. This is because Guinea is not the only country that is currently affected. So who knows who is entering our country and where is the person from. Our health workers, other relevant authorities and even members of the general public should be vigilant to safe us from this horrendous bug.

I lament with a bleeding heart for the families of the victims of this excruciating phenomenon. My heartfelt condolences to them. 


Essa Njie

The University of the Gambia


The work of the master


Dear editor, 


Please allow me space in your widely read newspaper to express my appreciation of the work of a true Gambian master. I am referring to a great article published in The Standard of Friday, 31 August 2012 entitled ‘On Self-Reliance: A Letter to My Son’ by my cousin, the Honourable Momodou Sabally. Sabally is a true inspirer for many aspiring individuals who continue to draw great inspirational lessons from his immaculate write-ups. Personally, I have found a lot of inspiration from his writings. I found his write-ups didactic and they never bore me.

Momodou is an epitome of excellence and this unique character of his has given me great joy. We pray for him daily that the Almighty Allah protect him and reward him. 

I should therefore like to seize this opportunity to extend my heartfelt congratulations to him in relevance to his recent achievements and his recognition by His Excellency, the President, Sheikh Professor Alhaji Dr Yahya AJJ Jammeh. He is a man of substance destined to set standards of excellence.

May Allah the most gracious and the ever merciful continue to revitalise his vision, aspirations and well-being as well as shower countless blessings on him and his entire family through Prophet Muhammad (upon him be peace). Amen.


Abubacarr ‘Buba’ Colley

Brikama Sanneh Kunda    


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