The world becomes an irony


By Omar Sarr

Two great powers

The night and the day


Fighting an endless battle

To rule the earth and space

The birth of the sun

Is the weapon of the day

Launching its atomic rays

To register the death of the night

As light shadow darkness

The sleeping leaves of trees

Wakes to embrace the light

The eyes conquered by the night

Regain its might to sight

The birds put to rest

Up like a chorus of school children

Whispering freedom on top of trees

The golden rays of the sun

Fertilising bones, blood, and the immune systems

As the sun journey to the west

Resting on the apex of seas, hills, and mountains

The armed night deploys darkness

That blinds the brightness

The moon topples the sun

And become king of the sky

The battalion of shinning stars

All scattered to celebrate victory

When the dark night darkens to lighten

The paths of the hidden creatures

That dwells in darkness

And the bright day lightens to darken