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Friday, December 1, 2023

They had only one aim

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Or the middle of Ramadan

 They had been trained by the best

 Who entertained no jest

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 He was full of zest

 Always in a quest

 To please his God

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 And love his Lord

 That was why they called him Majnun

 Because he was lost in his love

 A far cry from the girl kidnappers

 Agents of nihility

 Prophets of doom

 Who preach gloom

 But they’re heading for doom

 Self-claimed Boko Haram

 Closer to dormu haram

 No similarity with the leader

 Of mankind

 Who spent every minute

 Of his earthly life

 In the service of his Beloved

 That is why he is most loved

 SallAllahu Alayhi Wassallam


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