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Tika continues to support Gambia’s emergency medicine capacity

Tika continues to support Gambia's emergency medicine capacity

The Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (Tika) organised the Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Response Training (ADG+) for 16 Gambian health care personnel in cooperation with the Turkish and the Gambian ministries of health as part of the Emergency Medicine Capacity Building Programme (ATKAP).

Since 2019, 66 Gambian health care personnel received training in the framework of Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Response Training, developed as part of ATKAP by Tika’s Training Projects Coordination Unit.

Sixteen trainer candidates who were successful in this training received trainer training for two weeks between October 30 and September 10, 2021, in ?zmir, at the Urla International Emergency Disaster Training and Simulation Centre, an affiliate of the Turkish Ministry of Health.

Trainers gave theoretical and applied education to participants in topics such as adult education, accident scene management, emergency patient care, approach to trauma cases, patient transfer techniques, teamwork, disaster management, infection control after disaster, triage, hospital planning for disaster response, and emergency care management.

Additionally, participants had the opportunity to observe AFAD (Disaster and Emergency Management Authority), UMKE (National Medical Rescue Team), Air Ambulance Station, and various hospitals in ?zmir on site.

Head of the Ministry of Health’s European Union Department, Azmi Ekmen, Head of ?zmir Emergency Care Services, Erkan Güvenç and Tika expert Onur Yasar attended the post-training certificate ceremony.

As part of the third stage of the project, Gambian trainers who received trainer training will give Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Response Training (ADG+) to the personnel of the Gambian Ministry of Health under the coordination of Tika, and thus help increase The Gambia’s human capacity in health care.

Tika plans to expand the Introduction to Emergency and Disaster Response Trainings (ADG+), which have been held in Sudan, Djibouti, Chad, Somalia, Guinea, Niger, and The Gambia since 2017 as part of the Emergency Medicine Capacity Building Programme (ATKAP), to other countries and bring the successful trainees to Turkey to give them trainer training.

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