US-based couple relishes investing in Gambia


Lucky Smoothstone and Anita Joyce have expressed their joy and satisfaction in returning to The Gambia to contribute to the country’s national development drives.

Speaking to journalists recently, Lucky Smoothstone said they have secured funding to start operating a school which would be free of charge for Gambian children and there are plans to unveil an investment scheme to support the country’s music and cultural industry.

“We have decided to migrate from the United States to the Gambia with the objective of playing our part in supporting underprivileged families and contributing to national development in general by complimenting the government’s efforts,” he said.


Also, speaking to journalists in Kartong, Anita Joyce, said as part of their activities in the country they will invest in the country’s music industry and scout for talents.

“We already have the land and the connection especially in the US for funds to build a school that will serve as a hub for promoting tourism because we are aware that Gambia is a tourist destination. We are also planning a huge conference for all of the African Diasporas who are interested in coming to The Gambia,” she added.

She said since they arrived in the country, they have invested in agriculture and the idea is to convince more people to realise the benefits in the sector.