What’s next for $heek Juice and premillions


This upcoming winter, $heek Juice and Premillions The Label plan to bring their multicultural American talents to The Gambia. Premillions rocked the Popcaan Unruly event in January where they gave out merchandise including ‘inshallah’ hats, ski masks and durags to the fans. Premillions also gave back to the community by having a cookie and candy giveaway to the children in Brufut. The goal of premillions is to always put smiles on children’s faces and to inspire them. This winter break, Premillions plans on bringing their Islamic collection of merchandise to giveaway. In addition, Premillions will have a basketball tournament and concert featuring more local Gambian artists. Stay up to date with all info at sheekjuice.com.

$heek Juice will be headlining this event in The Gambia. Visit premillions.com for all apparel.