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Tuesday, January 19, 2021


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With just 48 hours to go before the closing of nominations in   the September 20 Gambia Football Federations presidential elections, The Standard last night confirmed that no nominations had arrived at Football House.

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Speaking to The Standard yesterday, GFF secretary general Abass Bah, said as far as he knew, no nominations had arrived yet. “I have just returned from a tour of the regions but as of now, Sunday, I have neither got any nomination papers nor been told by my staff of any arrivals over the weekend. We are hopeful that by today Monday there will be some movements   in that area,” he said.

This means that members of the GFF wishing to nominate candidates must do so within the next 48 hours or miss the boat, according to the time limit given for nominations by the Normalisation Committee which will sit as the electoral board for the elections.

Meanwhile, The Standard yesterday established that the two main political divides in the GFF politics are having separate meetings aimed at strategising their approach to the elections which now prove inevitable with the near-total collapse of earlier negotiations aimed at finding a unified executive.

However a source close to those talks said he believed there is still time for a united line-up even after nominations as the elections are not until about a month’s time.


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