APRC condemns planned sale of Jammeh’s cattle


The opposition APRC has criticised the planned sale of former President Jammeh’s cattle by the Janneh Commission.
A statement issued by the party’s spokesman Seedy Njie said the act is outside the mandate of the Commission.

He said: “Following the illegal and unjustifiable order made by the Janneh Commission to dispose assets and cattle of Former President Jammeh from Sunday 31 December 2017 to Wednesday 3rd January 2018 by public sale (which I described as cheating during my interview on Friday with a local radio news), I have been engaging officials and expressed my disappointment and that the sale must not proceed as it’s beyond the mandate of the Commission of Inquiry and it’s in contravention of section 200, 201, 202 and the right to property. The Janneh Commission is only mandated by law to inquire and write a report and submit it to the president who is also mandated by law to issue a government WHITE PAPER in respect of actions to be taken in relation to the findings of The Commission.



If the sale were to be conducted illegally as the Janneh Commission wants it, we have indicated that all those involved in the illegal sale order, including the government, and/or any other act of aiding will be held accountable. They will be held responsible for any cattle missing or sold (stealing). Inventory of president Jammeh’s assets and properties has been conducted, recorded and kept. I have been assured that the so-called Cheating Order will not be implemented and public announcement to that effect would have been done Friday 30th December 2017.


There will be no sale of President Jammeh’s cattle tomorrow [Sunday] as the Theft Order will be abandoned. The Commission of Inquiry members worldwide are persons of high standing, and the Gambian ones should hold similar statues and not hold personal grudges and interest with regard those they are investigating. We expect a fair execution of their duties. Don’t harbour hatred! Governments can’t be run by sentiment! End politics of deceptive and illegality!”
Meanwhile in a related development, The Standard has been reliable informed that the proposed sale which should have started Sunday and continued to 3 January has been postponed.