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Attorney says murder suspect was provoked

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Edward Gomez at the start of the murder trial yesterday said Bolong Njie, a student at the Gambia Technical Training Institute and prosecution’s first witness ‘bullied’ his client during a fundraising party, ‘because he was bigger than him.’

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“I put it to you that you personally provoked a fight between you and the accused,” Gomez said but Mr Njie denied provoking the accused.

“I further put it you that you bullied him so intensely that he went for a stone to hit you in retaliation,’ Gomez further pressed. Replying, Mr Njie said he did not bully the accused. He however admitted that the stone that hit the deceased (Alasan Jammeh) was aimed at him.

Earlier in his testimony, Njie said the incident took place last December during a fundraising party organised by their group, ‘Run Mango’ (Under the mango tree).  He alleged that Mr Fernandez did not buy a ticket to grant him entrance into the party hall. “We did not allow him because he did not buy a ticket. But when I stopped him, he started insulting which resulted to a fight between the two of us. We were separated before he ran away,” Njie added.

He said he heard people shouting that the accused (John Fernandez) was throwing stones. “The stones were aim at me. However, my friend held me and took me away,’ he said.

Prosecutors charged that John Fernandez caused the death of Alasan Jammeh by hitting him with a stone on his head last year at a fundraising party at Father Farrel Memorial Hall at Westfield. He denied the charge. The trial continues.


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