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The Banjul Sports Committee, football teams and fans in the city are revelling in the unique experience of playing nawettan football under floodlights. The capital’s only official football ground, the KG V Park is now illuminated with sparking floodlights hovering over an equally fantastically looking pitch giving a spectacle to the fans and nawettan teams now trooping to the ground in unprecedented numbers.

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“The reality is that there is no better way to promote sports than providing a good infrastructure. The beautiful scenery itself adds to the spectacle in the park and gives a new feeling to all sport lovers here,” a retired footballer familiar with KG V commented to The Standard. He added: “Everyone is proud of the look of the ground and the lesson must be clear to all stakeholders – government, GFF and others – that they must invest in sports infrastructure if the country hopes to develop sports,” the veteran told The Standard.

The Banjul Sports Committee yesterday took to social media congratulating Banjulians for having the first ground to host nawettan matches under floodlights.

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Its president Momodou Musa Njie Jnr (Langa) said the new look of KG V is “an unimaginable dream” to the many old timers who played at the ground.

“We are lucky and proud that we now have a good ground,” he said. 

KG5 is among community grounds renovated by the Gambia Football Federation through its infrastructure project. Though delayed and much criticised, many have admired the stellar works at the grounds where the refurbishments have been completed.

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