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Boy, 8, seeks urgent overseas treatment

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By Omar Bah   

An 8-year-old boy from Jambanjelly, Mustapha Sowe, is seriously in need of overseas treatment to cure his “recurrent pain when swallowing” which has traumatized him for the past 3 years.

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According to his medial report, which is signed by Dr. Yarisbe Castaneda of the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, the condition of the young boy remains stable, but the need for overseas treatment is crucial to avoid escalation of the pain?

The medical oral exams also showed that both his tonsils are hyperemic and swollen with no exudates. “Other systemic examinations are unremarkable. Throat swab only revealed normal flora isolated.”

The report also shows that the assessment is chronic tonsillitis, thus recommending for him to have tonsillectomy which is not currently available in The Gambia.

Meanwhile, the family of the young boy is appealing to the government, philanthropists and individuals to support their son’s overseas treatment.

Those who are interested to help can contact the following numbers: 2429319 / 7048780 / 7944763

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