23.2 C
City of Banjul
Sunday, April 14, 2024


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Brikama United made a dramatic move to first place in the ongoing final straight in the GFF league title race.
They beat Real de Banjul 1-0 to take first place and were thankful to Hawks who put a spanner in the works of GAF, beating them 1-0, which confined the soldiers to 38 points behind Real’s 39. Brikama United now stands at 40 points with two matches to go in the league.

However GAF with a match in hand still has the best chance barring any further slip. They have to play the rescheduled fixture against Banjul United before completing their final two league matches. If the soldiers win all three, they will take the title with an unassailable 47 points. The sudden jump to the helm has galvanized hopes and rejuvenated the never-die spirit in Brikama. Like the last weekend, Brikama United will have to continue winning and hope that GAF slips again.

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Brikama United vs Wallidan
Real vs GPA
GAF vs Samger
Hawks vs Marimoo
PS Welingara vs Gamtel
Tallingding United vs Fortune

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