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A day in the life of businessman Lasana Tambajang

It's a beautiful morning in the Bronx and I arrive at the New York Meat & Fish Market on Macombs Road, hoping to meet with the owner Lasana Tambajang.

What people need to know about the African condition

When Creighton University's African Students Association (AFSA) approached me to give a guest lecture at their annual banquet on the topic “Redefining Africa”, I knew exactly where they were coming from. However, I still asked them what they had in mind:

Happy birthday to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child for clocking 25 years today

"Nearly 25 years ago, the world made a promise to children: that we would do everything in our power to protect and promote their rights to survive and thrive, to learn and grow, to make their voices heard and to reach their full potential....." (Unicef).

A few good men — Three SAS commandos take on 400 Marxist rebels… and win

One SAS major and two sergeants acted alone and thwarted a Marxist coup in Gambia in 1981

The electoral process in The Gambia: A giant stride in the makings of a viable and stable political sysytem

Here the paper examines the electoral process of The Gambia with a particular and fascinating interest in the unique nature of the system and how the process has helped the small nation to accommodate diverse interests, views, opinions and aspirations of the citizenry towards cooperative collaborations and understanding in the realisation of “smooth democratisation process and political stability” attained right from the independence time.

Professor Ali Al’Amin Mazrui (1933 – 2014)

Professor Ali A Mazrui is dead. We hereby call upon the Almighty Allah to grant him mercy and the best of his rewards to his servants. His death is a shock to many of us and to the countless numbers who knew him personally and benefitted from his writings and other forms of sharing knowledge and memories.

Remembering Malcolm X 49 years on (Part 2)

One step forward and two steps backwards.

The innocence of the West

One wonders where the allegiance of the West lies – if at all they have any loyalties. It is astounding to observe how they constantly altercate with each other on issues that are happening thousands of miles away from their shores...

The Feast of Sainte Mary

(Assumption of The Blessed Virgin Mary): A Gambian Perspective

The Senegamabia Confederation: (Marriage and divorce)

In this sophomore article marking the 33rd anniversary of the 30th July 1981 abortive coup by Kukoi Samba Sanyang, former Justice Minister Hassan Jallow chronicles the events leading to the collapse of the Senegambia Confederation which had come into effect as a result of Senegal helping to restore President Sir Dawda Jawara to power. Excerpts from Mr Jallow's critically acclaimed biography, Journey For Justice:

The tipping point?

Suntu said she watched in panic as fifty-year-old woman, Mbakoi, gently placed her finger against the knife-edge. The circumciser mumbled a short incantation, and then busied herself between her thighs...

Must Read

Gambia Target Biggest Olympic Participation In History

The Gambia is fighting in all corners to qualify a big team to the Tokyo Olympics this summer. Recently, athletics queen Gina Bass who...

Four GNA officers successfully led the 1994 coup within 7 hours

By Samsudeen Sarr My July 22nd, 1994 day started as a normal sunny Friday morning with no indicator that Yundum Barracks, the main Gambia National...

Ex-NCP, PDP Leader Joins UDP

By Omar Bah A onetime leader of the NCP and PDP Lamin Bolonding Bojang has joined the United Democratic Party. Bojang, who was accompanied by a...

‘Current IEC not fit to conduct 2021 elections’

By Amadou Jadama Sutay Jammeh, the deputy vice chairman of the splinter NCP faction led by Yaya Sanyang, has said the IEC as it is...

Sankanu defends Barrow’s million dalasi donation to Serahule festival

By Alagie Manneh President Barrow has donated D1,020,000 to the organisers of the biennial International Soninke Festival (Fiso). The funds are to help with the “organisational...