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Monday, March 8, 2021

Climate change

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By Bintou

Walking firm on the ground feels nice, doesn’t it?
That life giving oxygen from the tree feels great, doesn’t it?
That cool breeze from the sea feels comforting, doesn’t it?
Mother Earth loves us, doesn’t she?
But what if I told you the earth is screaming for help
What if I told you animals are getting extinct, let’s help
What if I told you our ecosystem is slowly getting destroyed, are we gonna help?
That plastic bag held your groceries in place but killed that fish off place.
That rubbish you burnt to reduce waste, that gas our ozone layer isn’t its place
That leather jacket you have on looks nice
Can’t say the same for that poor animal’s demise
When are we gonna wake up and see the signs?
Or are we just pretending to be blind?
Blind to our own destruction let’s rise
All the car sounds listen! Do you hear it?
All the pollution in the air, do you smell it?
All the chainsaws cutting down trees, do you see it?
Turn a blind eye today, soon you’ll open it
The fire burning slowly, not the fire in the bushes
I mean the fire in our souls, do you feel it?
I guess it’s about time we accepted it
We humans are not bothered until we’re bothered
Problems don’t trigger us until they triggers us
We see flames and we’re not concerned
Until we step on hot ash
That’s when we see the problem.
Do you see the problem?
Because we are the problem

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