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Dou Sanno reacts to APRC’s Jah

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Amadou Jadama

The deputy political adviser to President Adama Barrow has reiterated that the National People’s Party will certainly secure 75% of the votes in the forthcoming 2021 presidential election and nothing can stop that.

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Dou Sanno was speaking to The Standard on telephone Monday responding to claims by Dodou Jah, the APRC deputy spokesperson who said the decision by the president to request for the extension of the stay of Ecomig to 2021 is political. Mr Jah also wondered whether by declaring that they will score the near impossible 75% in 2021, the NPP and government are not planning to rig elections.

In response, Dou Sanno said:

“It is premature for Dodou Jah to imply that the government is planning to rig the 2021 election. Let him come out with his proof or stop false allegations. The time for politics is not yet, so let him wait until the time for politics comes and then, each and every one of us will know our position.”

Dou however added they remain confident that Barrow will pull 75 percent of the votes in 2021 because the president is delivering what people expected from him.

“But I want to tell Mr Jah that any time he wants to talk about something between President Barrow and APRC, let him always consult his party executives because there is no problem between President Barrow and APRC, except cordial relations which is also shared with other political parties in the country,” Dou Sanno noted.

On the extension of the Ecomig mandate, Mr Sanno said that has nothing to do with 2021 election because Gambia’s election is owned by Gambians themselves. “Let me ask him whether he would call the recent deployment of Gambian soldiers to Sudan as political. He should understand that Ecomig has its own body and with their own funding. So, let him not mix our politics with Ecomig. We have nothing to do with Ecomig. Something happened in the country and that is why Ecomig came here, and there is something also happening in Sudan and that is why our Gambian soldiers went there. But they never talk about that, so why are they always talking about this?” he asked.

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