33.2 C
City of Banjul
Thursday, September 21, 2023



Go before the drama unfolding misses your presence

Hurry for the men are at it again

Turn fast the corner as the greedy are on Oscar winning scenes

Phew, someone needs attention here

Shoot around and watch the sketch of the greed

Who owns everything and everything 

that belongs to you

Reflect on the seeds of conflicts

Conflicts of rationality and absolute stupidity

Worry not for the land grabber 

will have guests here

Hosts the cutlass wielders 

throwing all decency

To the wind in a state of lawlessness

Hasten and be happy

For the mighty, the greedy and the defendant are in theatre

Hurry to get the preliminaries of

 The drama of the decade




It’s Sunday with the usual 

convenience of a Sunday

Eats the worker, the delicious 

homemade foods of the queens

Heat outside notwithstanding, children happy today

Treat dad with kindness and 

innocent laughter all day

Meet the long time no see friends for

The Sunday of the rest from the tediousness of officialdom

The rest day for all and sundry

The relaxed day and so don’t 

call before you come


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