A number of former Gambian international players have announced they will endorse the presidential campaign of challenger Sadibou Kamaso. The latest to do so is prominent former Scorpions Ebou Sillah who recorded an audio urging stakeholders to vote for Kamaso. In his endorsement message, Ebou Sillah said time has come for the football of the country to change. ”We need changes right now because when you look around Africa now, only those who have played football are the ones in charge of it and Sadibou has them in his team.
This Is about the future of our children.
For us, our time in football has gone but our children must have a better future in the game,” Ebou Sillah said.
Some weeks ago, Gambian international goalkeeper Pa Dembo Touray and defender KeMo Ceesay among others, also endorsed Mr Kamaso who is challenging his former boss Lamin Kaba Bajo for the GFF presidency coming up for grabs in August.