‘Emerging politicians will soon control the narrative unless…’


By Omar Bah

GMC leader has advised his fellow veteran politicians to recognise the political ‘contours’ of the times and manage its evolution effectively or risk losing the narrative to upcoming young politicians.

“The new Gambian citizen is knocking on our political doors, and if we do not open the door fast enough, they will invent a key to take control of the space. To be relevant, a leader must recognize the political contours of the times and manage its geomorphology effectively,” Mai Fatty told The Standard yesterday.


He said the trajectory of social evolution assumes a natural phenomenon.

“Politics and law, both prescriptive elements of social organisation, also follow an identical sequence. Gambian society must also evolve its prescriptive or normative practices to accommodate its prevailing consciousness and exigencies,” he said. In consequence, Fatty added, characters and organisations that are incapable of adapting or adjusting to the fleeting changing needs of their society render themselves obsolete. “This is how a social organization or its drivers grow irrelevant,” he added.

 “The rapid, but complex evolution of Gambian political consciousness is breeding innovative demands from her citizens which must, of necessity be met by the political class. That class, both governing and its alternative, must adapt their methods and thinking so as to effectively manage the rapid pace of political maturity, thereby compliantly responding to prevailing demands and aspirations of the population.

“If we fail this on-going competency test, it will trigger heightened pressure from society. Increasingly, as our political organizations fail in appreciating the complexity of societal evolution and attendant consciousness vis-a-vis the imperative nature of its demands, public despondency shall give rise to the inevitable emergence of a new political order. This new variable shall be radically different from anything of the past, thus introducing a near cataclysm in national politics. This is where we are heading to,” he said.

The former special adviser to the president was speaking to this medium shortly after attending Goodluck Jonathan’s final mediation meeting yesterday. The former Nigerian president’s final attempt to find consensus on the [president’s current] term and the method to reintroduce the draft constitution to the National Assembly has now collapsed. The mediation specialist has flown back to Nigeria.