Ex-NAMs, Governors poised to rally around Barrow


The Association of Former Governors and NAMs has renewed its commitment to supporting the development agenda of President Adama Barrow.

These reassurances of support to President  Barrow and his government were made by the association’s top members at a meeting in Farato on Saturday.

The gathering was organized by several women’s groups to adopt the former Foni Bondali NAM, Musa Badjie, as father.


The Association of Former Governors and NAMs was formed in the months leading to the past general elections and was instrumental in drumming up support for the NPP and partner parties during the exercise.

Speaking at the meeting, the Chairman of the Association of Former Governors and NAMs, Hon.Ablie Suku Singhateh, thanked the members for their ‘sterling’ efforts from the registration for the general election, campaign and the election itself.

He revealed that the association has registered growth in membership, adding that more people have expressed interest to join.

“We will continue to encourage such gatherings to drum up support for the President and his administration,” he resolved.

The former Lower Baddibu NAM and member of ECOWAS Parliament told the meeting that the association will not slow down in whipping up support for President Barrow for the realization of his noble objectives for the country.

Speaking earlier, former Bondali NAM, Musa Badjie, thanked the women’s groups for reposing confidence in him by adopting him as honorary father.

He then gave them some cash to support their initiatives.

He also expressed the commitment to work with President Barrow and his government for the attainment of his development goals.

The former Bondali NAM disclosed that a working committee has already been set up to calibrate the association’s interventions.

Women leaders Jabou Kinteh and Mariama Ceesay both expressed the willingness and excitement to join forces with the Association of Former Governors and NAMs for the realization of President Barrow’s development agenda.

“This association can serve as an important vehicle for the realization of our collective aspirations through fruitful collaborations,” said Jabou Kinteh.

Former West Coast Region governor Abdou Badjie, deputy Governor of West Coast Region, Musa Suso, former NAM for Serekunda, Hon. Sainey Jaiteh, deputy chairman of the association Fa Ansu Sanneh, Hon. Ebrima Manneh and Adama Cham all spoke about the need for the strengthening of the association.

Meanwhile, the day-long gathering was accompanied by delightful entertainment.