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Gambia Law School student publishes book on regulation of traditional medicine


Professor Raphael Nyarkotey Obu, a renowned Ghanaian Naturopathic Professor, who is currently studying for the Barrister at Law course at the Gambia Law School, has published a ground-breaking book titled “Regulatory Framework of Traditional and Alternative Medicine in the Gambia.”

 The book investigates the constitutional and other statutory provisions on traditional medicines in the Gambia and their recognitions. The author reviewed several legal documents in the Gambia to evaluate their justifications for traditional and complementary medicine recognition and the need for legislation. The author reasoned that the Constitution of the Gambia recognizes the customs of the people as part of the laws. The Evidence Act 1994 of the Gambia further notes that custom is admissible in evidence. Hence, traditional medicine is part of the customs of the people of the Gambia, and thus they need to be accorded the needed recognition in the healthcare system. Besides, a profession that is not regulated poses a danger to public health.

The author further emphasizes that if the customs of the people are recognized by the Constitution and the Evidence Act, then, the trade or businesses of the people are also recognized. It is therefore prudent for the medical business of traditional medicine to be given full recognition in healthcare to improve the lives of the people.

Hence, in this book, the author justifies the need for legislation on Traditional, Complementary, and integrative Medicines Practices in the Gambia. The book is structured into six chapters with an interesting regulatory framework discussed with 111 pages and published by Generis Publishing, Republic of Moldova. The book is currently being sold for 37.99 € on the online platform Liberoterra and is edited by Anna Rothman.

Prof. Nyarkotey has been pushing for better healthcare for all in the Gambia with traditional and complementary medicine legislation.

The author has other two books yet to be published in the course of his legal education at the Gambia Law School. He has also published 10 scholarly papers as a student of the law in the Gambia.  The book was dedicated to the National Traditional Healers Association of The Gambia (TRAHASS). He was recently honored for his tremendous contributions to the traditional healthcare industry in the Gambia with “The Trailblazer & Father of Modern Naturopathy Development Award in the Gambia.”

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