I’m missing you


I’m unable to say
When last we saw
Enough to make my heart cry
For happiness has gone awry?
Off my feet and wiped from my slate
?Loneliness emerged from within?
On its head lies the crown;?

Usurped; for I’m vulnerable and weak?
Happiness known is happiness gone?
My gaze is fixed on the spot?
Once occupied by happiness?
Memories rushing back and forth?
Causing sweet sensations ?
Every night as the rain falls?
Sweet whispers circling the air?
Smiles are lightening ?

Causing hearts to thunder?
Broken and raptured I remain?
To sleep each night ?
With you so close yet so far?
A part of me, yet far from me?
Forced to miss your eyes?
From whence I learned so much ?
Of passion and compassion?
Of Tender and care
To love and be loved;?
Reasons to miss someone;?
Someone like you.