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Introducing (Sanna Singhateh)

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One of the finest Hip Hop and Afro Manding singers ST with a unique Mandinka rhyme that captivates the mind and soul of everyone whenever he is on stage. He is commonly known as Brikama Boyo, the Gambian dream, residing in Brikama and a graduate of Nusrat Senior Secondary School.

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When did you start music?

Basically I did my first recording in 2007 while I was still going to school. I did a mix tape with P-Mark and launched my first debut album called ‘Distinction’ and I am currently working on my next album and it will be out very soon.


Why “Aling domo”?

I came up with the song “Aling Domo” because I try to make songs that the society can relate to individually, so “Aling Domo” is about a way of life, the wrongs, rights and happenings. I have my own style different from what other musicians do. I do my own thing and they do their own thing as well.


Have you got shows outside The Gambia?

Yes, I have travelled to neighbouring Senegal five times for shows that I am invited to; it is not on self- invitation but people feel my music and want me to be in attendance. That’s how it all started because you can’t jump from 1 to 10; a gradual process.


Do you have shows in rural Gambia?

(Laughter) that is really a funny question. That means you don’t follow my music. I do more shows than any other artiste in The Gambia because every week I have a show. I do few shows on my own and the rest are based on invitation. I have been to Jarra Soma five times, both in the urban and rural area.


Why the weird reaction on Facebook about the award?

I would really not like to talk about this. I am not the type that keeps quite over things but lets out what I feel and share it with the public like what I recently shared on the fan page concerning the award. I was not pissed off but it was really funny. So let not people get it twisted; I am not trying to bring segregation but to make the industry better so that the organisers can take it into consideration to make themselves better next time.


Do you have issues with any artiste?

I am not in beef with anybody: my music calls for unity and oneness. I have less time for beef and I believe Gambian music is just at the first level because we are all one and we have to push the music further. We have to do it together as one, but that doesn’t mean that if you have anything that you don’t appreciate you cannot say it out. 


What are the challenges you are faced with?

People should respect the job. It doesn’t necessarily mean you have to be in the office, but try to do what is right.      

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Are your songs written for you?

I am a Mandinka; it is my mother’s tongue and I never feel that I will run out of words so I write my songs all by myself my own. In fact, I write for somebody.


What next?

I want to tell my fans that my album “Watotijay” is coming out in November and they all have to be prepared because it will be off the hook.


Best Quote

‘Teh nka na kuwol lekeh’ meaning we do our things.


Words by Sise Sawaneh


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