IPCSL accredited to observe Gambia general elections


International Police Chaplain Sustainable Development and Law Enforcement Inc. USA, said it is mobilising 50 delegations to The Gambia ahead of the April 15 and May 20 General Elections in the country.

The delegations would be selected from 13 countries of the United States of America, Mexico, Denmark, Germany, Haiti, Togo, Nigeria, Ghana, Ivory Coast, the Republic of Benin, Kenya, Congo and Gabon.

The delegations would be led by the Africa Director and Coordinator, IPCSL Ambassador Col Johaness M Makouvia, for both elections. He would be supported by the national commandant, Nigeria and Deputy Director, African Coordination (Anglophone), ambassador captain Blessing A Akinlosotu.


The High Council has already congratulated the Africa Coordinator of IPCSL and his team for the success of the electoral observation mission which took place in Nigeria from February 25 to March 18.

“We announce that IPCSL has just been accredited by another African Country, The Republic of Gambia through the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC), as a foreign observer in the independent elections which will take place from April 15 to May 20.

“For this election observation mission, IPCSL would be represented by a delegation from 13 countries. It will follow the two elections of April 15 as required by the Independent Electoral Observation.

“The delegation of the IPCSL would be led by the Togolese Ambassador, Colonel Johaness M Makouvia, Africa Coordinator of the IPCSL.

According to the vice president, High Council of IPCSL Florida, USA, Head of the Central Administration, Ambassador Wilkenson Cesar, plans are underway so that everything goes normally while relying tirelessly on the dynamism and leadership of our African coordinator, ambassador Colonel Johaness M Makouvia, chief delegate of the Gambia 2023 Electoral Mission as well as its collaborators and his team. However, all arrangements would be made for the proper execution of the mission.

“Remember that the International Police Chaplain Sustainable Development and Law Enforcement Inc is an American non-profit organisation based in Florida, USA. It was established for charitable, religious, scientific and educational purposes. It contributes to the promotion and sustainable development in the world and also to the application of the law through the ministry of chaplaincy among the nations.

“Its objectives are subdivided into seven – defense of human rights, fight against illegal immigration, anti-drugs and fight against child trafficking. Others are, fight against global warming, hunger and poverty.”