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Kandeh downplays NPP/APRC alliance talks

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By Momodou Darboe

The leader of the Gambia Democratic Congress has said if there are any talks of an alliance between President Barrow’s NPP and former president Jammeh’s APRC, that cannot cause any stir in the GDC. Reacting to news of a possible coalition between the two, Mamma Kandeh said: “I am not even sure what is happening because there are conflicting accounts being bandied about the reported merger talks”.

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“It is the right of any political party to form an alliance. We are not worried or concerned about it [NPP/APRC alliance] if there is any at all. What we are concerned about is the destiny of our country. In fact, I think people have to do a little bit more work to know how true these alliance talks are,” Kandeh said.

“Others are saying this about the talks whilst others are saying that. So, you don’t know which is which. What I can tell you is that GDC is not worried about any NPP/APRC alliance. It is left to them to form an alliance and I have no comments on that,” he posited.
Kandeh hinted that he was not convinced about any NPP/APRC alliance talks ahead of the polls in December.

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