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Lamin Babylon gets 5000-litre borehole

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By Amadou Jadama

A new borehole is ready for use in Lamin Babylon, inaugurated on Sunday to provide safe, drinkable water for the villager’s water needs.

The 5000-liter water tank is connected to seven standpipe taps.

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The borehole is sponsored by Progress Through Partnership Gam-UK in collaboration with Sylvia Inglis and David Mayes from the UK at the tune of D520,800.00.

At the opening ceremony a representative of the alkalo, Ousman Saine, said: “Today I can say that firmly that we have access to safe drinking water with a lot of people direct beneficiaries of this project, among women and children.”

Mr Saine thanked facilitator Sheriffo Camara and the donors and prayed for the success of their organization.”

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Banna Dahaba spoke for the women and described the project as exceptional, and timely. She expressed her profound gratitude to the donors for providing such a facility.

Memba Touray, Councilor of Lamin Ward appealed to the community of Babylon to take good care of the borehole, adding that, the donors have spent huge amount of money on the project.

Councilor Touray vowed that, he will work with the facilitator Sheriffo Camara and his partners to ensure that this kind of projects is extended to other areas.

Musa Sonko, a head teacher of Cosimata Nursery School located in the village, expressed his gratitude the donors and their Gambian facilitator Sheriffo Camara for the borehole

Sylvia Inglis, the chairperson of PTP Gam-UK who spoke on behalf of her partners disclosed that the charity behind the project was formed three years ago focusing on providing access to potable drinking water, and also helping the schools in communities.

“When we came out here t in 2018, the conditions here was very stressful because the women were trekking working long distances the whole day trying to get water for their families which is very difficult thing for them. “We are group females based in UK and we feel sad that not everybody have access to running water for proper sanitation, bathroom and others, hence our inspiration to act “ she said.  

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