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‘Livestock theft could increase’

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The president of the National Livestock Owners Association, Ebrima Jallow, has warned that with the Tobaski fast approaching there is a likelihood of an increase in the spate of cattle and livestock theft in the country.
Samba Bah, a farmer lost 5 sheep to thieves in Busura on Monday night when thieves shepherded his sheep into a waiting vehicle and sped away dead in the night.
Mr Jallow said NaLOA is concerned that this trend will continue as the Tobaski nears, coupled with the fact that there is shortage of cattle in the country due to the drought in the sub region.
Mr Jallow urged the authorities to keep a good watch on the roads for cattle transporters, especially at night.
According to the NaLOA president, livestock farming should be encouraged to inspire and motivate Gambians to rear animals to enable the country depend on her own livestock needs.

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