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with Lamin Cham

After summoning and discussing with both the National Sports Council, NSC, and the Ministry of Sports over GFF matters, the National Assembly Select Committee for Sports has now asked GFF to meet them on Thursday.

According to impeccable sources, the Committee has written to Football House to report to them on Thursday and though it has not been publicly stated what the meeting is for, it is almost certainly going to be about the recent stand off between them and the NSC.

It is not clear whether the GFF, who has so far rejected any move it considered illegal interference, will respond to this call. Last week, the GFF issued a statement suggesting its AGM of delegates deplored any attempt to illegally interfere in the federation’s affairs.

The GFF said in the statement that delegates decried the latest attempt by some individuals to hide behind the National Assembly Select Committee on Sports to force the GFF to comply with an illegal process, even after an Executive intervention seemed to have broken the impasse. Describing the actions of these interest groups as selfish and becoming unbearable, members called for a stop to what they referred to as a witch-hunt and instead urged them to join hands with the GFF to develop the game in the country. Members also urged the Government, cum Ministry of Youth and Sports, to fulfill their commitments of sponsoring the national teams.

The stand-off between the National Sports Council and the GFF reached fever peak in November when the NSC suspended the GFF executive for refusing to cooperate with an investigation. The suspension was lifted after the Office of the President reportedly called for all action to stop until further notice.

Many believed the authorities wanted both parties to sit at a round table to iron their differences. The NSC Chairman Borri Darboe had accused the GFF of financial misappropriation in the renovation of the GFF Technical Training Center including what he alleged was a tax fraud. The GFF has denied any wrong doing and described the NSCs move as illegal and a witchunt, saying Mr Darboe is a well known opposition football stakeholder out on a vengeance mission masquerading behind official position.

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