NAATIP trains hoteliers on child sex tourism, trafficking in person


By Olimatou Coker

National Agency Against Trafficking in Person (NAATIP) has on Wednesday trained hoteliers on child sex tourism and trafficking in person at a day-long training held at the Ministry of Justice conference hall in Banjul.

Speaking, Tulai Jawara Ceesay, the Executive  Director of NAATIP, said Naatip is fully committed to the prevention of all forms of human degradation and exploitation through the coordinated use of nation’s crime prevention and law enforcement resources to stamp out trafficking in persons.


“This training of hoteliers today is very vital because tourists come to The Gambia on holidays because of the push and pull factors of the trip and because of the vulnerability of certain people. Naatip felt the need to train hoteliers on child sex tourism so that you can understand what it is and report cases to Naatip,” she said.

She further stated that the other mechanisms Naatip put in place to fight against child sex tourism and trafficking in person apart from conducting training and sensitization is bilateral agreement with Nigeria and Sierra Leone to combat trafficking in persons.

“I expect all you hoteliers present in the hall here to go with a piece of better knowledge, understanding of trafficking in person especially child sex tourism,” she said.