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PDOIS clarifies ‘opposition talks suffer blow’ story

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In a rejoinder sent to this paper yesterday, the political leader said the headline of the said story was exaggerated, explaining that there was no ongoing talks for opposition coalition, but rather, negotiations for electoral reforms. 

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He also took a swipe at the opposition source who told The Standard that the other parties would continue the negotiations if PDOIS refused to reach an agreement.

Mr Sallah said: “PDOIS is, in fact, playing an instrumental role in the negotiation for electoral reform and no one who understands how those proposals are being prepared would imply that PDOIS is holding out or could be sidelined. The contradiction between the participants is about confidentiality and not about content of the reform proposals. Needless to say, the discussions are characterised by maturity and mutual respect as befit those who aim to lead a nation. It is also important to point out that the negotiation is about electoral reform and not about forming a coalition. Hence there is no room for controversy or failure in reaching an agreement.

“We therefore wonder why the so-called opposition insider decided to invent that PDOIS is posing obstacles to reaching an agreement on proposals for electoral reform when PDOIS leaders are among those who displayed the highest level of devotion and are among those who are central in the preparation of the document.

“It is also curious that the so-called insider is talking about coalition. At the moment there is no discussion about a coalition because the time for that has not arrived.

“Organised political parties do not form coalitions by word of mouth. All agreements between political parties must be put in writing and signed by authorised signatories. Even the setting up of an interparty committee was premised on a memorandum of understanding signed by all parties.

“We hope the opposition insider would now come in the open to state the proposals his or her party has for building a coalition. If he or she fails to do so the general public should classify him among those people who spread rumours of the formation of a coalition to justify political inactivity and always cast an accusing finger at some scapegoat when they are failing in their schemes to mislead public opinion.”


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