Police officer testifies in NIA 9 case


By Mafugi Ceesay

Police Chief Superintendent Bakebba Suso on Monday started his testimony for the prosecution before the Banjul High Court. He spoke mainly about how they interviewed agents of the NIA sometime in 2017.

Suso is the 33rd prosecution witness (PW33) in the ongoing criminal trial of former intelligence chiefs who are facing 25 counts, ranging from conspiracy to commit a felony, assault causing serious bodily harm, murder and making false documents, amongst others.
The policeman told the court he was responsible for criminal investigation in 2017 tasked by Deputy Commissioner Buba Sarr, who was the Crime Management Coordinator (CMC) to constitute a panel to interview agents of the National Intelligence Agency (NIA) in relation to the death of Solo Sandeng.


He said the panel consisted of Assistant Commissioner Pateh Bah (now Deputy Commissioner) as the head of the panel, Chief Superintendent Fakeba Darboe, Superintendent Thomas S. Gomez as senior officers. He said there were a host of junior soldiers holding the ranks of Sergeant, inspector and constables among others.

He told the court that he was tasked to record the interview proceedings of the NIA agents. He explained at the start of the interview, he used a small recorder which was later substituted with a digital recorder.
“The recordings of the digital recorder were kept in a CDR and later into an external hard drive,” the witness said.
The case continues today at 1pm.