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Sannehmentereng development association holds tree planting exercise


By Olimatou Coker

The Sannehmentereng Development Association (SDA) together with other association bodies has recently embarked on a tree planting exercise at Brufut Woodland Forest commonly known as Sutuba. This is an annual event organized by the Sannehmentereng development association that is said to mobilize both human and natural resources in order to conserve and preserve the forest.

Speaking, Karamo Alsaana KD Camara, the  Chairman of Sannehmentereng Development Association, said: “This year we have planted 1600 seedlings of different varieties of trees some of which are already extinct in our community and the country at large.”

He emphasizes the importance of trees to the livelihood and to the animals and also as a mitigating mechanism to fight against global warming which is a threat to the planet on which they are living in.

He also expressed his association’s sincere appreciation to Brufut Diaspora Association who donated D15000.00 towards this Noble event and Sheriff Nano Sanusi Hydara for his kind-hearted gesture for donating D10,000.towards the event.

He went further to thank the  West Africa bird sturdy Association(WABSA) for their support in providing T-Shirts and food for the event.

Malamin  Major Manneh, the Alikalo of Brufut, urges the members of the Sannehmentereng Development Association to continue their excellent work in preserving their environment.

He also underscores the forest’s importance to the people of Brufut and the country at large.

Also speaking at the event, the current Chairman of Brufut Village Development, Omar Manneh, also emphasized the importance of trees to their lives. The eldest man in the village Alhagie Faburams Kutu Bojang attended the event and advised the members of the Sannehmentereg Development Association to keep up the good works they are rendering to the people of Brufut.

Jobarteh a representative of the West Africa Bird Study Association also dilated on the importance of preserving our funny and Flora for the benefit of our socio-economic development. The  department of forestry regional office in Brikama also donated some trees for the exercise.

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