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Seedy Njie claims 70% of Gambians support Barrow

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By Omar Bah

Seedy Njie, one-time information minister and spokesperson of the opposition APRC, who has since switched loyalty to the political agenda of President Barrow, has said 70% of Gambians are now behind President Adama Barrow.

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Njie, who resigned from the APRC on June 4, 2018 to join Barrow claiming he is biologically related to the President, told Star FM: “Seven out of every ten Gambians are in for President Barrow and that is encouraging and we are building on that ahead of 2021.”

He continued: “As we head to 2021 lot of Gambians are joining the President Barrow camp and they are anticipating he will very soon form his own political party so that they will have their base to maintain the people they already have and try to convince others to join.”

Seedy Njie further opined that if President Barrow had registered his own political party, his party would have been the biggest because “right now he holds the biggest support and by 2021 his victory would be a done deal.”

Mr Njie also denied trying to bring the APRC and Barrow together but he was quick to say that he will not hesitate to convince supporters from other political parties including the APRC to join the Barrow camp.

On the 3 Years Jotna campaign, Njie said: “I want to tell the movement that President Barrow was elected to serve for five years and any attempt to remove a democratically elected government will be considered illegal”.

He said Barrow has given Gambians all what they were yearning for when they went to the polls.

“The Gambia is now free from detention without trials, torture and all sort of human rights violations that were taking place during the former regime,” he added.

He said every proponent of democracy should praise the government of President Barrow for trying to use water tanks to disperse protesters instead of using live bullets, adding that only an irresponsible government will use live bullets to disperse protesters.

“The Jammeh administration’s decision to use live bullets on the April 10 and 11 student protesters was irresponsible.

This is why I was expecting all genuine Gambians to praise the current government for bringing water tanks as means of dispersing protesters,” he concluded.

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