Sillaba accuses opposition of distorting his comments on ingenuine Barrow supporters


A few days after his attack on what he called wolves in sheep’s clothing surrounding President Barrow, business tycoon Sillaba Samateh yesterday told The Standard that opposition politicians have used different platforms to give his comments a different meaning.

“I was speaking against some selfish practices of some people who are not genuine supporters of Barrow but are only looking for money and are fighting genuine supporters who are willing to invest time and money to support the president’s agenda in developing the country. I did not direct my comments to everyone in the party as the opposition is implying,” he said.

Sillaba added that what he actually meant is that President Adama Barrow did not deserve any form of betrayal or pretension from anyone since he cares for everyone including his enemies. He described Barrow as a rare leader who has no discrimination in his agenda and therefore does not deserve supporters who are not genuine.


Samateh praised Barrow for his focus and urged Gambians to genuinely support the president to consolidate the democratic system he is operating which embraces all Gambians regardless of political differences.