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Waa Bakau Organization donates cement for Farokono road construction

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By Olimatou Coker

In its quest to give back to its community, a home-based organization called Waa Bakau has over the weekend donated 25 bags of cement to Bakau Farokono for the feeder road construction.

The organization was formed to support and develop the community of Bakau.

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Muhammed Daffeh, the public relations officer of Waa Bakau Organization, explained that the people of Farokono go through a lot every year during the rainy season due to the bad roads.

“We the organization members contributed some amount and did a fundraising to be able to come here and support in developing our own community on this road construction,” he said.

Daffeh tasked the people of Farokono and all the road users to take ownership of it.

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“They have a huge responsibility when it comes to taking care of this road; to see that anything that will destroy the road stops, for it to last long”.

He also thanked the youths of the community for their massive contributions and turn out to see that this work becomes successful.

Edi Bojang, chairperson of the organization, said: “We know that government cannot do it alone, this is why we decided to come together as one big family in Bakau to work towards developing our very own community.”

He urged the youths not to wait on anyone for such help but to come together to better the development aspect of their community.

Binta Janneh-Jallow, deputy mayor of KM and ward councilor of Bakau Newtown and Fajara, welcomed this great initiative by the youths of the community.

“Government cannot do it all, so it’s important for community youths to take such initiatives upon themselves to develop their various communities,” she said.

She added that it’s their duty as councilors to always stand for the interest of their community, on how to bring development to their people as well as

“That’s why when the organization reached out to me, I told them that this is my work. You’re complementing our efforts but we will all join as councilors and leaders of the community to make sure that the work and development we need in our community is achieved”.

Lamin Dibba, ward councilor of Bakau Old Town, said this particular road is very bad during the rainy season because even the waste truck could not access the place.

“This is not my first time working with these youths. We have been working together closely.”

He disclosed that the Mayor of KM has promised to reach out to the organization with 200 bags of cement which is different from the support he did with his colleagues and their National Assembly member.

Landing M. Secka, President of Farokono Youth Development Association, thanked the organization for this road project and assured them that the road will be put to go use.  

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