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Tuesday, September 22, 2020


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In a frantic dash to meet deadline day yesterday, the Bojang-Danso alliance has filed in its vice presidential candidates for the September 20 elections.

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According sources close to the alliance, Mr Matar Faal of the Central River Region youth and sports commitee,  is being lined up as first vice president, while Sulayman Drammeh an official of first division side Steve Biko is the second vice president. For the position of third vice president, the alliance selected Upper River Regional Football Association president Joseph Furu Gomez. But Mr Gomez yesterday told the Standard that he is not aware of anything like that and has not given his consent to the alliance for inclusion in their executive. 

However as we went to press, the alliance has not yet named their flagbearer with officials from the two campaigns only saying that negotiations are not yet completed on that front.

The much expected single candidate was due to be announced yesterday  but sources told The Standard that there is still no consensus as to who run between Danso and Bojang both of whom belong to the larger camp of former president Mustapha Kebbeh who was disqualified from running.

An analyst yesterday described the line-up as strange with names that were known to be vigorously opposed to the Kebbeh camp now jumping into bed with his protégés. ”Politics make strange bedfellows,” he joked. 


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