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From Churchill to Cameron – A playbookof treachery, racism and genocide

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By Jallow Jerry

The famous Indian politician, Saschi Tharoor,  debating at Oxford explained why “the sun never set on the empire”, a euphemistic expression of pride and arrogance regarding the size and expanse of the British Empire.

He said: “It was because even God didn’t trust the British in the dark.” So that the sun had to be shining 24 hours on the empire lest they raze humanity to the ground.

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That’s the most distinct character which maybe personified as the mother or root of evil  as money and alcohol were said to be.

If that was just a way of introduction about the most inhumane political project in our collective human history since the Pharaoh of Egypt, then I really appreciate Cameron’s lack of any  shame and and his haughtiness as he  thinks of lecturing us his concerns about what others do or not do.

As people one who inherited the post once occupied by the most racist, callous and cruel politician of the 20th century, I can see why Thatchter (Falklands), Blair (Iraq, see  Chilcot Report), Cameron ( Syria and Libya) and now The Indian ( Gaza) find it normal to defend the values, way of life and morals teachings of the highest Office of the British Order.

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At some point, I had to ask my self if there was still some blood sample of Churchill preserved in the British Museum from and from which every new PM receives a booster that will awaken their Genocidal Genes.

But I then immediately recalled that blood transfusion does not affect gene expression. However  inheritance is only allowed through the Windsors whose blood is pure and direct from Heaven. Because the Crown is an extension of Divinity on earth and has not only the prerogative to decide who  goes to heaven or hell on earth but can also designate such a responsibility to the purified gentiles as elected reps in Parliament.

So the holy alliance between the Crown and the Parliament makes up the Divinocracy that spread mayhem, massacre and Human Soul Mutilation (HSM) all over the globe for centuries before it baptizes itself ( after assassinating John the Baptist) and assuming the roles of Muhammad, Christ and Moses altogether. Demoncracy and Firedom.

I couldn’t wrap my head around this because even Mao Zedong, Khomeini, Stalin or Castro were not succeeded by their own sons or daughters and that’s why they were neither Demoncrats nor Divinocrats.

Agents of Divinocrats like said before decide on who dies, when, how and where. Let’s take a short visit of the eminent Divinocrat of the 1930s, Churchill. The man credited to have starved up to 4 million Indians to death by  enacting policies that barred any urgent intervention to save these helpless people. Additionally, again like we see in the media today, he blamed the Indians for “breeding like rabbits”. This shows that the word Hit-ler is not a person but a mentality (white supremacy) and policy tool in the hand of Divinocrats eg Wilson, Adolf and Benito, Franco etc. The great men of Europe who gave us Demoncracy.

So it is  no different today from yesterday when we see Sunak or Cameron arguing on how many women,  children or babies must be burned or buried  alive before a cease fire or “humanitarian aid” will be allowed  because these victims also made the wrong choices of siding with the wrong entity (Hamas).

The above was just an intro. But what interests us here  the most were the lies, treachery, manipulation and wastage of the innocent British taxpayers meagre resources, by Cameron on co. What’s sins did this great peace loving people of Britain commit to warrant them have as leaders such a minority of lunatics whose only vocabulary are weapons and wars? Probably none. I stand with you people of Britain who have never relented to staunchly oppose  your Genocidal elites for going to wars in Iraq, Syria, Libya and now supporting openly the first, most followed and streamed  21st century Genocide in Gazza. Vote them out.

Cameron told us before the cameras “we are not going to allow Assad slaughter his own people” and therefore called for “hard nmilitary actions”. In pushing his blood thirsty agenda, he left no stone unturned in trying to squabble a strike claiming what was openly false and a lie , just like Blair before him, that Assad has used chemical weapons causing hundreds of death and thousands of injuries to civilians.

I must add, during the same period, Yahya Jammeh was one of  rare people around the globe who did not only condemn this treachery but also dared to ask rethorically, whether the mode of death was more important than number innocent souls being destroyed.

So it baffles me today when the same war criminal suspect dares to question and meddle into our internal matters in the  name of Human rights and in the logic of the White Supremacists ( all for us, none for others)

You know when I was made to understand that the former ICC prosecutor was present at the same function, the only positive thought that could reasonably strike my mind was she was on a mission to  publicly hand Cameron an arrest warrant  just like her colleague recently threatened those thugs.

It is quite disturbing to recall that even up till this day  there still exists  in my Sere Kunda a ward named after Churchill (Churchill’s Town). How on earth, it is like naming a ward in Birmingham after Julius Caesar. Of course no Briton will in their wildest imagination think of such humiliation, yet we associate ourselves with people who inflicted so much harm and cruelty to not only our history but also conscience with such a grotesque subordination.

This must end as was done  to Statuses of such villains like Edward Colston et al.

Anyway it was a great embarrassment that such noble soul (Bensouda) would probably shake hands with a war criminal suspect she  were supposed to throw in death row but not listen to his charades.

 Unfortunately those who make the rules, make them for themselves. Otherwise would who dare confuse between a criminal who killed, raped  and exploited one’s kin with a Samaritan.

Mr Cameron, the next  you have threats to issue direct them at your own  cult of clowns who siphon and  devour the welfare and pension funds of the innocent British taxpayers into weapons killing innocent and helpless humans  around the world in the name of Human Rights.

What right is more sacred than life itself?

It is time you wake up from these  schizophrenic wet dreams  and stop living in a bubble to realise that  empire  is not just a carrion today, but also in the dock awaiting reckoning. You must be day dreaming to put efforts into reviving it like Putin is accused of.

 And that one day, the empire and its agents will be brought to book in a special court in  Gambia. Until then enjoy the show.

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