Re: Politician says Darboe, not Barrow is the cause of Gambia’s hardship


Dear Editor,

This Foday Sisawo must be a very confused NPP supporter. Is the UDP leader Ousainu Darboe the president of The Gambia? May be Mr Sisawo is looking for a position from clueless NPP president, Adama Barrow. It will be a perfect match: useless Sisawo and useless Barrow.

Abou Francis Mendy



Dear Editor,

I still can’t believe that my country has such lunatics like Foday Sisawo! How on earth can someone think like he does? Is Ousainu Darboe the one in charge of the affairs of the state. No wonder he is a PDOIS supporter. This is their true nature!

Lamin Fofana


Dear Editor,

Even donkeys think better than this lunatic. The Gambia is full of low thinking morons like him. Why don’t he just say he is an NPP supporter, rather than dragging PDOIS into this mess. Smdh! Gambia is special. You are excusing the person responsible for people’s suffering just because you love him and blaming someone who is not in charge. Some of these people should be expelled from the PDOIS, I swear by Allah.

Mark Saho


Dear Editor

I can’t believe that we have such kind of people breathing our in The Gambia. Judging from the way Foday Sisawo puts it, it is obvious that he only harbours hatred for Ousainu Darboe. And if he wants this country to move as a concerned Gambian, he should speak truth to power not to Darboe who is not the president. I wonder how Sisawo lives and whether he is paying his own bills.

Ramos Jatta

Bronx, New York

Dear Editor

Mr Foday Sisawo, are you not a Muslim? You apportion blame to the wrong person.  That is a big sin. Whether you like it or not, in The Gambia, we will vote for Darboe to become president of this country. I hope you are not being given a brown envelope for you to say what you are saying.  Lying is not a profession May the Almighty Allah guide and help you. Say Allahuma ameen Mr Foday Sisawo

Sambu T Conteh


Dear Editor

Even without Ousainu Darboe all the way from 2016 to now, the coalition could have separated. In that case which party would have been the main opposition party challenging and checking the ruling party as the UDP is doing today? Mr Sisawo do you think Ousainu Darboe is a sleeping politician?

Masanneh Camara


Dear Editor

Mr Sisawo please stop smoking expired weed and face the reality of life. People like you want a short cut in life. You want Mr president to reward you because saying things like what you said about Darboe is the only thing that makes him happy. Sad nation, Gambia with people like you.

Ousainou Njie


Dear editor

Was Darbo not pulling the strings and wanted Dr Isatou Touray instead of Adama Barrow as the coalition candidate? When Halifa told the Coalition that the first thing to do was to release the political prisoners, Darboe came out as the de facto president and destroyed the unity of the coalition. Read what The Standard reported. I am close in relation to Darboe so hating him is out of the topic. It is because of some people like some of these writers here that we left UDP because when we tell the executive to condemn their childish ways of politics, they refused. Bigots should never have power to rule The Gambia.

During the coalition convention GMC, NCP, NDPD, couldn’t produce 70 delegates and were given participants by the UDP for the primaries. PPP decided to vote for Barrow against its will because UDP threatened to withdraw if its candidate was not voted for. The primaries was a deceit they agreed upon and they betrayed the nation’s interest by not selecting the rightful merited politician to lead the coalition. Those partisan and unpatriotic acts were the root causes of the hardship we are struggling with. I hate to reveal more, even what led to the UDP demo that led to the death of Solo Sendeng (RIP).  Again, Barrow would have stepped down after three years but things happened and he took the country hostage, dissolved the coalition, dismissed OJ, Tambajang and Gomez. I am a veteran politician with lots of info. You small boys are just road runners with no insider knowledge.

Rajaa Jaani

Alexandria, Egypt

Dear Editor

Rajaa Jaani, Halifa Sallah not being selected as flag bearer in 2016 wasn’t Darboe’s fault.  All parties brought in equal delegates for voting so ask yourself why didn’t the other party representatives vote for Halifa?  Barrow himself said Darboe has never endorsed his candidature in 2016 so what’s your point?  You can’t keep blaming an innocent for President Barrow’s lapses.

Lama Pac