Stakeholders trained on therapy awareness


By Aisha Tamba

Second Chance Gambia recently held an awareness forum for stakeholders on the importance of acu-stim therapy pulse, a treatment machine meant to treat drug addictions and other mental health symptoms.

The awareness forum hosted at NaNa under the theme; ‘discovering innovative and sustainable solutions to address mental health and addiction problems’ was aimed at broadening narcotic officers’ knowledge.


Acu-stim pulse therapy is a treatment designed for mental health well-being and symptoms associated with drugs and alcohol withdrawal and misuse. The treatment was developed in the United Kingdom by Nick Segal and it has been used in Canada, Manchester, Ireland, and other communities in the UK since 2000.

Nick Segal, the founder of Acu-stim therapy pulse, disclosed that he started treatment back in 2000 with the combination of local Chinese medicine and western medicines including biophysical and chemical.

He said the study provided sufficient evidence that the acu-stim pulse therapy reduces the symptoms of withdrawal and it also increases clarity of the mind and balances internal rhythm, adding that it also helps to reduce brain chemicals for drug and alcohol addicts.

Ousman Saidybah, public relations officer at the drug law enforcement agency, said the dangers of drugs on society are no secret arguing that curbing it needs collective approach.

He said the menace is a changing trend in the country and its a persisting phenomenon is nearly impossible to eradicate.

“Drug remains one of the most expensive commodities and its trends continue to change and motivates people to get to drugs. We must implement a balance integrated multi-sectoral approach between what we call supply suppression and drugs human reduction,” he explained.