Ya Kumba’s Nest donates to New Year babies


In her quest to empower women and girls, Ya Kumba Sarr through her organisation called Ya Kumba’s Nest, has donated to the first babies delivered in 2021.

She targeted Fajikunda health centre and Banjulinding.

The first baby, which was delivered at Banjulnding, was a girl delivered at exactly 2:17am.


Banjulinding registered two babies which were born in the early hours of 2021, one male and one female.

During the presentation, the PRO of the organisation Mr Bakary Jammeh, said the Nest deemed it necessary to reach out to few health centres and put a smile on the faces of the newly born babies with their parents.

“It’s in this regard that we were sent here by the founder of the Nest to give you this token as appreciation and to contribute to the welfare of the newly born babies. Each baby will receive a bath pan full with everything that the baby will need together with a cash amount of D2000. This is the first of its kind by the foundation and we already discussed that it will continue with bigger prizes in the future. We hope the parents appreciate the gifts and we are saying thank you to the professional midwives who made sure these women deliver safely “.

Speaking at the Fajikunda health centre, the OIC, Mr Madi Ceesay said it took the health centre by surprise that Ya Kumba’s Nest is coming to do a presentation.

He said it was the first of its kind to be done at the health facility.

“You made not only the babies proud but the health centre too. This has never happened here and we believe it will promote the health facility. I am so proud of the midwives for a wonderful job and I hope the Nest will continue the good job. As we always say, Government can’t do it all, so anytime foundations like yours come to compliment Government’s efforts, it’s welcoming. We pray for Ya Kumba and her family together with the organisation to have a peaceful 2021.”

At Banjulinding, after delivering the items and the cash prizes to the two babies, Mrs Mariama Balajo, the head of midwives, said this is the first time Banjulinding health centre benefits from such a gesture.

“We are proud to be part of this and it will boost the name of the facility. We take the opportunity to say thank you to Ya Kumba and her team for the job well done. The first boy was born at 5:00am whiles the second delivered at some minutes after 6am. The parents are happy that the Nest has already paid for their transportation back home and other logistics. This is welcoming.”

Mrs Balajo however informed the organisation that government can’t do it all and they would like the organisation to help them with some things. Among them is a laundry service. If they can have someone who will be employed as a laundry assistant, they will be grateful. She also made mention of bed sheets which she said are never enough.

Ya Kumba said she heard her concerns and the Nest will do something about it.

All mothers who spoke after the presentation showed gratitude and prayed for Ya Kumba and her organisation.