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In praise of Jainaba Bah

Dear editor, It's simply beautiful the way you've given space to Jainaba Bah, to narrate the grand story of the greatest revolutionary movement to ever survive in The Gambia. Every day I eagerly grab my copy and seek the beautifully written story of MOJA-G. The conclusion of the piece only leaves me with greater hunger to get to know what happened next, more like reading a heart racing mystery novel, only that in this case it's the true story of some of the bravest and daring citizens The Gambia had ever produced.....

Re: GCCI trade fair

Dear editor, Allow me space in your paper to share my thoughts on the ongoing GCCI trade fair, and the recent press briefing that the chamber organised to talk about the state of the fair. First of all, the purchasing power of the Gambian public has been suffering from the ongoing economic hardship that we all know. That is no secret. If traders are complaining about low or lack of sales at the trade fair when they paid where lot of money to have stalls and exhibit their goods, I think the GCCI should admit that, and use the experience to strategise on how to better manage the fair next time...

Re: Letter to the editor and proprietor of The Standard newspaper by one Sitaba Darboe

Dear editor, I was very perturbed, extremely flabbergasted and provoked beyond all human endurance, when I read in the Wednesday 12th March 2014 publication of your newspaper, a highly defamatory letter to the editor, with the caption:- “RE: TRIBUTE TO ARCHBISHOP DR. JOHNSON”, which was written by one “Sitaba Darboe of Bakoteh”, who fallaciously claims to know me “…for long time”. For a start, I do not know any “Sitaba Darboe” in my entire life....

Very interesting!

Dear editor, In reaction to your 'Perspective' column on the July 30 attempted coup d'etat, I wish to state that the uncaptioned photo is very indeed interesting. I want to believe, and with good reason, that the scene was the Yundum airport in 1978 when Guinean president Ahmed Sekou Toure visited The Gambia for the first time.....

Gamcotrap pays tribute to Bijou Peters

Dear editor, Bijou Peters fondly called Aunty Bijou born on 29th March 1927, dedicated her life to serving humanity as a nurse and a journalist. Since 1984, she gave her valuable service to Gamcotrap in its crusade to protect girls and women from female genital mutilation –FGM and other harmful traditional practices.

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