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Empowering advocates for change: CRPD celebrates graduationof second cohort from CSO Advocacy Training Program


Soma, Lower River Region – 22nd July 2023 – The Center for Research and Policy Development (CRPD) proudly commemorates a significant milestone as the second cohort of advocates successfully graduated from its prestigious CSO Advocacy Training Program (CSAT). With this graduation, CRPD has now trained a total of 45 passionate advocates in advocacy skills since the program’s inception in 2022.

The CSO Advocacy Training Program, conducted in collaboration with Freedom House through its Promoting Rights and Justice Program (PRJ), with funding from USAID, represents a crucial step in empowering advocates to create a positive impact in their communities.

The training program’s second cohort witnessed the graduation of 25 enthusiastic advocates, comprising 7 young women and 18 young men. The success of this cohort builds upon the achievements of the first cohort, which also graduated 20 dedicated advocates including 12 young women. With a combined total of 45 trained advocates, CRPD is reinforcing its commitment to nurturing change-makers for a better Gambia.

In line with its vision to support the transformation of The Gambia into a democratically governed and economically prosperous community, CRPD’s CSO Advocacy Training Program focuses on decentralization and inclusivity. The training ensures that advocates from various backgrounds and geographic locations, including 6 urban and 19 rural participants, have equal opportunities to engage in capacity building for social change.

Throughout the comprehensive training, the advocates honed essential skills, empowering them to:

o          Identify crucial issues and craft personalized advocacy strategies to effect tangible change in their respective communities.

o          Excel in social mobilization, engaging all stakeholders to foster comprehensive and inclusive advocacy efforts.

o          Develop effective communications strategies to disseminate their messages accurately, reaching the right audiences and driving desired change.

o          Embrace gender perspectives and integrate gender mainstreaming into their advocacy endeavors, promoting equality and inclusivity.

“We are immensely proud of the dedication and passion displayed by our graduates,” said Sait Matty Jaw, Co-Founder and Executive Director of CRPD. “With 45 (20 young women and 26 young men) advocates now equipped with essential advocacy skills, we are confident that they will contribute significantly to The Gambia’s development and nation-building.”

As CRPD celebrates this milestone, it extends its gratitude to all partners, volunteers, and the dedicated team for their relentless support in making the CSO Advocacy Training Program a resounding success. Together, we are strengthening democracy and empowering advocates for positive change.

About Center for Research and Policy Development (CRPD)

The Center for Research and Policy Development (CRPD) is a legally registered, independent, non-profit, social research, advocacy, learning, and capacity building organization committed to promoting inclusive and sustainable democratic governance and well-being in The Gambia.

Established in 2018, CRPD is dedicated to the promotion of freedoms, rights of expression and association, advancement of popular participation, the strengthening of advocacy and civic engagement and the conduct of policy research that impacts positively on the democratic project in the Gambia and advance national development

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