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Ghanaian community donates social welfare department

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By Olimatou Coker 

The Ghanaian community in The Gambia on Tuesday donated sanitary items to social welfare department as a contribution to the fight against coronavirus in The Gambia.
Items donated include 20 boxes of Madarr, 10 packets of soap and buckets.
Speaking, George Kaleku, Chairman of Ghanaian community in the Gambia,said they deemed it necessary to contribute towards the  fight against the deadly  pandemic that has already affected the globe.

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“So we as a community thought it wise to donate to social welfare department because we know that they have alot of people who depend on them, and we know that they have lot of people they need to support,” he said.

Chairman Kaleku thanked social welfare department  for accepting their donation, adding that they believe the items donated will go a long way in contributing to the fight against the deadly pandemic in the country.

Rohie Bittaye Darboe, permanent secretary, Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare, said lauded the Ghanaian Community for the donation.
“As we all know that we are in a very critical situation right now and the virus is a pandemic;soit is a concern for the whole world.”

P.S Bittaye Darboe stated that any initiative taken by any group or individual will be greatly appreciated because people will need it somewhere or somehow.
She thanked the Ghanaian community for taking such a bold step in contributing their quarter to fight against COVID -19 in the country.
Jakomba Jabbi, director of social welfare department, said this donation is the first of its kind since the start of this pandemic.

“They are the first community that has so far donated the social welfare department under the Ministry of Women, Children and Social Welfare.So we really appreciate it”.
Director Jabbi appealed to other organisations, private sectors, individuals not to forget social welfare department because they are the department that deals with all kind of cases.

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