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Minority leader says it’s up to Barrow to go or stay

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By Amadou Jadama

The minority leader of the National Assembly and a member for Niamina Dankunku Samba Jallow, has told The Standard that the decision to stay or go after three years is very much left with President Barrow.

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“I think what is clear is that we agreed as coalition for him to serve only three years but I must indicate that we all knew of course that the mandate for the presidency is five years.

However, if Mr Barrow resigns he will be considered to be a respected man and recognised internationally as a man who keeps his word.

But as a national assembly my focus is to be mindful and working with constitution which is my working tool and which in this case allows him to serve a full five-year term.

So he can either decide to step down or may be the coalition stakeholders could come together as we did at the beginning of the entire process and talk over it,” Mr Jallow.

Hon Jallow said he considers the 3 years thing as a matter for President Barrow to decide and that is why he has never belabored the topic.

Asked about the recent comments made by senior government officials, who reportedly threatened to clamp down on would-be protesters in December, Jallow replied: “I will not be part of any action that will mishandle the citizens of this country. And if I am the authority, I will give them permit to protest.

This is the beauty of democracy which we have been crying for during the 22 years of Jammeh. People have a right to demonstrate and it is important for one to differentiate a demonstration from a riot.”

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