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The ABC of GFF elections


According to the GFF Constitution, a candidate who scores 50 percent plus one vote, in this case 26 votes shall be declared the winner. However if there are three or more candidates the one with the least number of votes would be eliminated in the first ballot while others proceed to a second round if there had not been an outright winner.

The 51 votes of the Gambia Football Federation GFF are as follows.

Regional Football Association have 21 votes, with each of the 7 regions allocated 3 votes.

There are 22 league clubs, each allocated with one vote, making a total of 22 votes for the clubs while the affiliate associations such as Women’s Football Association, Referees Association, Schools Sports Association and Coaches Association each has 2 votes giving them a total of 8 votes. This makes a grand national total of 51 votes.

Another affiliate association, the Players Association, has still not been formed.

The system of election is a secret ballot, to be cast by one of three or two persons delegated by his or her club, regional or affiliate association.

All clubs, regions or affiliate associations must submit the names of their delegates to the Normalisation Committee for accreditation and identification before the vote.


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